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How To Approach Local Businesses And Grow Your Own Corporate Scheme

Setting up a corporate scheme can be an incredible way to partner with local businesses and bring awareness to your club to hundreds of potential customers who may never have considered stepping foot in a gym before.


Health and wellness is becoming increasingly important to businesses who want their employees to be healthier and bring a new energy to their workforce.


In this webinar, we’ll walk you through a step by step process to approaching local businesses and successfully setting up a corporate membership. Using our roadmap which we’ve helped establish in dozens of clubs, we can give you a packaged corporate scheme that you can start implementing yourself with little admin and cost to your club.


All attendees who attend will receive a download of our document and email templates that you can rebrand and use to start contacting your local business right away.


Join us for the talk and a Q&A, so we can help you nail your first steps into your gym’s corporate scheme.