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Why Your Gym Website Is Bad and How to Fix It

Your gym’s website is the first impression that most of your members will have of your club, and yet so many club websites are not capitalising on the business that their websites can potentially bring in.


From poor load times, incomplete information, broken links, no online join option and not showing up in Google searches – the list of issues most gym websites face are far behind nearly any other industry.


In this webinar, Harvey Clayton-Wright, gym website designer and marketer at Ashbourne Membership Management, will be walking through the most common mistakes that gyms make with their websites, and show you the quick changes you can make to ensure that your website gives your club a great first impression and allows you to start selling memberships before your members take one step through your door.


This webinar will include a talk, followed by a Q&A, so join us for the presentation and then bring your own questions so we can help you solve your website woes.